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GC Dog Training applies the very best in reward based training methods to ensure a healthy combination of obedience and good behaviour for your dog. Our training will help get your companion, at any life stage, on their journey to their best behaviour while strengthening the bond between you and your dog. Through private and personalised training we'll show you how to create a fun and friendly environment to engage with your dog. Based on the needs of you and your dog, we use classical conditioning and operant conditioning training to achieve results. Hello, I am Matt Coogan and I started GC Dog Training because I get a great amount of personal fulfilment helping people connect with their dogs. I have worked with various dog owners to help train and effectively manage their dog's behaviours. I'm a certified dog trainer, having completed Steven and Vicki Austin's Dog Training and Behaviour course as well as their Puppy Class Instructors Course. Having been an animal trainer at Sea World for 13 years (Polar Bears and Seals), I have a wealth of experience when it comes to training animals. I would love the opportunity to meet your beloved dog and help manage their behaviours effectively. Get in touch with me today and kick start your training journey!

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